This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document has been created to provided additional information and answers to questions you may have pertaining to the navigation on our new website 

General information, login

1. How can I familiarize myself with the New Website 

A presentation of our New Website is posted on the homepage to help you navigate the site and place orders. 

2. How do I get set up with Novexco?

Fill out the electronic application form on this site. Your account information will be sent to you within 24 hours after the form is received.

3. I have an account number with Novexco, but how do I order online?

If you do not have a login and password to place an order online, please contact our Customer Service by phone at 1-877-597-3261. One of our Customer Service Representatives will set up an online user profile for you. The details will be emailed to you. 

4. My password is not working on

To reset your password, please click on MY ACCOUNT and OPEN A SESSION. Enter your email address in the “Lost Your Password?” section and click send. It may take a few minutes to receive a temporary password by email.

5. How do I change my current password on my online Account Profile?

Please logon to your account on Go to My Account and select My Profile. Enter your old password, then your new password and save the modifications. If you would like to receive a confirmation by email that the modification to your profile are in place, please check the box “I want to be notified when my profile is updated” under the General Information section.

6. Who can I contact for technical assistance? 

For any assistance with our new website, please contact our Customer Service at 1-877-597-3261. 


7. Can I request a return online? 

Yes. Please logon to your Web Account. Go to MY SERVICES and click on Merchandise Return. Please enter the order reference number or the invoice number to retrieve the initial document and then, click on the item you wish to return and the quantity. You will be prompted to specify the reason for the return and then “send” the request. A Return Authorization Number will be emailed to you upon the revision of your request (48 hours).  As a general rule, any stock items may be returned within 30 days. Some conditions may apply.

If you prefer, you can contact our Customer Service department at 1-877-597-3261.

8. What is a special order?

A special order is an item that is not listed in our online catalogue at 

9. How do I order a product that is not referenced online at

Please call our Customer Service at 1-877-597-3261. If a suitable alternative is not available in stock, our Customer Service will place a Special Order Request with Novexco Procurement Team and if Novexco can source the item through one of its vendors, a quotation will be emailed to you with all the details. To place a special order for the item, please reply to kEncEmaildmjfou/tvqqpsuAopwfydp/db or your sales representative.  

10. What is a backorder?

A backorder item is temporarily out-of-stock. Stock levels are indicated online; therefore you can check the availability of a product. If a product is on backorder, an alternative product will be offered if available.

11. How can I retrieve my order history?

You can retrieve invoices and credit memos as well as track your current orders on Please go to My Account and click on Order/Invoice/Credit / Return Tracking and fill in the fields as required to narrow down your search. The search criteria are the same for all historical data. A list with the requested documents will be populated against your search criteria. Click on Order number or Web order number to view and/or print your invoices, credits and packing slips. Also note that your last orders are displayed as you login.

12. When can I expect delivery of my order?

All orders received by 5 PM will be processed on the day of receipt. In-stock merchandise is normally delivered the next business day.

13. When I place an order online, how will I know the expected delivery date?

The default delivery date is the next business day for all stock items. However, if there are backorders, the expected delivery date for a backorder item will only be indicated if an order has been placed. This information can be retrieved in Backorder Management under MY SERVICES.

14. What do I do if I did not receive an item that is listed on my packing slip?

If the quantity of an item on your packing slip does not match the quantity of the items received, call Novexco Customer Service at 1-877-597-3261. After investigating your claim, Novexco will issue a credit to your account if applicable. Reorder the item through the same method you used to place the initial order.

User Guide

15. Is there any User Guide available?

Our main User Guide is available in a tutorial. Other tutorials are also available for advanced functions only offered to specific customers. Ask your representative.